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Fiery Heptagon 8x8 Acrylic hand made color painting

Fiery Heptagon 8x8 Acrylic hand made color painting

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Acrylic hand made fluid color painting. Size: 8x8.

Fiery Octagon is a vibrant and energetic abstract painting created through the technique of acrylic pour. The center of the painting features an octagon-like shape with shades of red and orange that blend and swirl together, creating a fiery effect. The edges of the painting are painted in shades of white and gray, which provide a neutral backdrop for the center to stand out. The corners of the painting are a colorful mix of various hues, which provide an interesting contrast to the dominant shades of red and orange. This painting is a visual representation of energy and movement, and would be a great addition to any modern or contemporary space.

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