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Electric Skies - 10x20 Acrylic hand made abstract painting

Electric Skies - 10x20 Acrylic hand made abstract painting

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10x20 Acrylic original and unique hand made color fluid abstract painting.

"Electric Skies" is a stunning acrylic abstract fluid pour painting that captures the surreal beauty of a thunderstorm in motion. The painting features vibrant shades of green and blue, with bold streaks of lightning that seem to dance across the canvas. The fluid composition of the painting creates a sense of movement and energy, as if the storm is alive and pulsing with electricity.

The influence of Van Gogh can be seen in the swirling clouds, which evoke the dramatic brushstrokes and vivid colors of his iconic Starry Night painting. The bottom of the canvas is painted in a deep, rich brown that suggests the ground beneath the stormy sky.

Overall, "Electric Skies" is a powerful and dynamic work of art that captures the beauty and awe-inspiring nature of a natural phenomenon. Its bold colors and fluid composition make it a striking addition to any art collection.

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